Monday, August 29, 2016

About April Y. Haldy

Before anything else I am a child of God, a Wife to the most amazing husband & mother to these beauties. God has blessed me with this family & I am humbled by that. My family is my world, everything I do, I do for them. To show them what is possible, to lead by example, and to be a supporter for my husband in his endeavors.

I was born and raise in Portland Oregon, that state that sees 300 days of rain. Its fairly wet, cloudy, and a tad depressing. However its one of the most lush, green beautiful states I've seen. Massive waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, rivers galore, and of course the mighty Pacific Ocean. I didn't live the perfect childhood, my childhood memories are not very happy actually. My teenage years my life only spiraled downhill fast. I was constantly told I'd amount to nothing, what a disappointment I was, and was finding myself in trouble more frequently than i'd like to admit. My parents did the best they could, and I firmly believe I wouldn't be where I am today, or who I am without them. I met my lifesaver, my now husband, when I was 15, we married as soon as I turned 18. Like most marriages, ours had many rough patches, we both have done the unforgivable, yet always forgave. Our commitment to each other runs deep, commitment in the Haldy house stands strong!
In 2014 my husband & myself felt God tell us to pack up & move south. In a nutshell, we sold 80% of all we owned, packed up what we could in a u-haul & headed to Dallas TX. We now live just south of Dallas, far enough away from the hustle & bustle but close enough to the airport to go anywhere in the world we want.

We're very obedient to what the Lord tells us to do, trembling knees, tears rolling down our faces, faith tested to its limited, obedient. God has never failed us. I've come to realize God's shoes He has planned for us, are far greater than anything we could ever imagine. I've come to realize that we block ourselves from achieving the greatness that was destined for us. I see an individual and see ability, love, passion, and typically fear. I know fear, I know it well. I've faced fear many times in my life but in 2012 decided it wouldn't have a hold on me anymore. I've broken those chains, and now live my life on a mission to coach others through the same process, to speak life into peoples God given dreams, and to show them that if I can do it, so can they!

In 2015 I decided to take my passion for personal development a step further. I joined the John Maxwell Team & became a certified Coach & Speaker. John Maxwell has philosophies I can stand behind, teachings that make sense to me, and a heart of gold. I have been coaching people since then on overcoming obstacles, learning new perspectives & more efficient ways of doing things. I also facilitate mastermind groups to dive into Dr. Maxwells books on a deeper level with other people. Its always fascinating to me hearing different points of views every week. I absolutely love being apart of people's journey of gaining that confidence & belief in their life. My husband always tells me how full of joy I am after I get off calls with people, either coaching or masterminds. Truly it brings me so much fulfillment & joy just know in a small way I helped someone.

My goal in life if to help people see themselves how God sees them. Confident, beautiful, able, and passionate. I plan on leaving my mark on this earth while i'm passing through, by leaving it into others. As many as I can, as often as I can, however I can. My prayer for you reading this, is that your heart is softened to allowing God to speak to you & your mind is open to consider that you do have a great purpose. And that its no accident you're reading this, its time to unleash your inner lion!

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