Monday, September 19, 2016

Its OK to Want to be Wealthy

I Feel there's this really weird thing out there in society that its conceded or a sin to want to be wealthy in life. Its almost like people are scared to even bring up money, let alone any dreams that have to deal with money in excess.

I talk to thousands of people. Excited people who just start up a new work from home business. I talk to them daily. And most of the time I ask them all 1 question, and every single time its usually always the same type of answer. Honestly i'm not even sure why i keep asking anymore when i know the answer. I guess I ask simply so i can reply to try to open their minds just a little bit.
The question is, "So why did you decide to promote this business?"
The reply is always, "Well because I just want to tell people about this amazing product & help them."

Now here's the thing, you can certainly tell people about this amazing product & you can certainly help them without making money from it. Shoot we do it all the time for other things, everytime i share something on facebook, tell a friend about a great movie, give a referral, etc. But for whatever reason people just don't want to say.... Because I want to make MONEY!

Seriously, say it with me. I WANT TO MAKE MONEY! I want to make LOTS of money. Its OK!!!! Wealth isn't some plague that's going to make you become repulsive to your loved ones. Money is NOT evil, as people love to mis-quote scripture. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It can turn into an idol very fast. So can the LOVE of food. So can the LOVE of attention. People put money up on some pedistool but ignore the idols they already have, which are equal to chasing money & loving it.

So listen, Keep God #1, chase GOD, have a relationship with JESUS. And as long as your priorities don't get out of whack, you're a-ok! You can have money, you can have LOADS of money. God actually wants to spoil you. Don't you want your children't to have things? Not have to worry? Experience amazing things? God wants all that for you too. And to do that, its takes MONEY! Also to reach people & impact Gods kingdom, to house them, travel to them, feed them, etc. takes....MONEY! So lets get rid of this negative feeling we have towards money.Lets be honest. We can want to help people, love people, etc. But the fact of the matter is, with limited resources, we're limited in our reach.

You can live a very prosperous life, you can live abundantly, you can enjoy a big life, actually God again says that's what He wants FOR US! I promise you, its not going to be handed to you or fall from the sky. Work hard, and stop beating yourself up over how you yearn for the wealthy person lifestyle. Visualize it, believe its yours, ask God for His favor & keep your priorities in order....and you'll start achieving things!

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