Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sister Visit

So my big sister & 2 nieces just visited us here in Texas from Oregon. It was so much fun, I really enjoy hanging out with them, especially since it had been over 3 years since the last time we saw eachother.

Praise God for restoration. I know God can heal relationships, grow people, and bring them back together. Thats me & my sister for you. Its one of those on again off again relationships. However this visit was different. I feel we're in a new place in life. You know that place where finally you learn that each person can have their own perspective, that having different views isn't always a bad thing & that it shouldn't effect your relationships.

Amazing things can happen when you realize that everyone views things differently. There is so many gray areas in life (YES there's many black & white areas too!) and that if you had 3 people walk down the beach, together they'd all experience the beach differently. One might smell corn dogs & salt water, while the other feels the sand in their toes & the other notices the colors of the Ocean & sunset. You see, they all walked the beach, together even, but their primary sensory was different, thus causing different perspective. That's not even factoring in their background history.

You see we can & will have different views on many things. Myself & my sister agree on a lot (even more now as we get older) but disagree on a lot as well. And that's ok, with the understanding that we can both be right, happy, & move on. Imagine if this world would take a moment to consider OTHER peoples perspectives before their own? Imagine if people didn't jump to conclusions so quickly, or make so many emotionally based decisions. Imagine how different it would be living here.

My challenge to you is to be strong enough to accept other peoples perspectives,be even stronger to consider their perspective & be super strong by admitting your wrongs.

I love my sister & i learn a lot from her. I wouldn't be able to tho if she was afraid to challenge me & my perspective :)