Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Special

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Its OK to Want to be Wealthy

I Feel there's this really weird thing out there in society that its conceded or a sin to want to be wealthy in life. Its almost like people are scared to even bring up money, let alone any dreams that have to deal with money in excess.

I talk to thousands of people. Excited people who just start up a new work from home business. I talk to them daily. And most of the time I ask them all 1 question, and every single time its usually always the same type of answer. Honestly i'm not even sure why i keep asking anymore when i know the answer. I guess I ask simply so i can reply to try to open their minds just a little bit.
The question is, "So why did you decide to promote this business?"
The reply is always, "Well because I just want to tell people about this amazing product & help them."

Now here's the thing, you can certainly tell people about this amazing product & you can certainly help them without making money from it. Shoot we do it all the time for other things, everytime i share something on facebook, tell a friend about a great movie, give a referral, etc. But for whatever reason people just don't want to say.... Because I want to make MONEY!

Seriously, say it with me. I WANT TO MAKE MONEY! I want to make LOTS of money. Its OK!!!! Wealth isn't some plague that's going to make you become repulsive to your loved ones. Money is NOT evil, as people love to mis-quote scripture. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It can turn into an idol very fast. So can the LOVE of food. So can the LOVE of attention. People put money up on some pedistool but ignore the idols they already have, which are equal to chasing money & loving it.

So listen, Keep God #1, chase GOD, have a relationship with JESUS. And as long as your priorities don't get out of whack, you're a-ok! You can have money, you can have LOADS of money. God actually wants to spoil you. Don't you want your children't to have things? Not have to worry? Experience amazing things? God wants all that for you too. And to do that, its takes MONEY! Also to reach people & impact Gods kingdom, to house them, travel to them, feed them, etc. takes....MONEY! So lets get rid of this negative feeling we have towards money.Lets be honest. We can want to help people, love people, etc. But the fact of the matter is, with limited resources, we're limited in our reach.

You can live a very prosperous life, you can live abundantly, you can enjoy a big life, actually God again says that's what He wants FOR US! I promise you, its not going to be handed to you or fall from the sky. Work hard, and stop beating yourself up over how you yearn for the wealthy person lifestyle. Visualize it, believe its yours, ask God for His favor & keep your priorities in order....and you'll start achieving things!

Monday, August 29, 2016

About April Y. Haldy

Before anything else I am a child of God, a Wife to the most amazing husband & mother to these beauties. God has blessed me with this family & I am humbled by that. My family is my world, everything I do, I do for them. To show them what is possible, to lead by example, and to be a supporter for my husband in his endeavors.

I was born and raise in Portland Oregon, that state that sees 300 days of rain. Its fairly wet, cloudy, and a tad depressing. However its one of the most lush, green beautiful states I've seen. Massive waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, rivers galore, and of course the mighty Pacific Ocean. I didn't live the perfect childhood, my childhood memories are not very happy actually. My teenage years my life only spiraled downhill fast. I was constantly told I'd amount to nothing, what a disappointment I was, and was finding myself in trouble more frequently than i'd like to admit. My parents did the best they could, and I firmly believe I wouldn't be where I am today, or who I am without them. I met my lifesaver, my now husband, when I was 15, we married as soon as I turned 18. Like most marriages, ours had many rough patches, we both have done the unforgivable, yet always forgave. Our commitment to each other runs deep, commitment in the Haldy house stands strong!
In 2014 my husband & myself felt God tell us to pack up & move south. In a nutshell, we sold 80% of all we owned, packed up what we could in a u-haul & headed to Dallas TX. We now live just south of Dallas, far enough away from the hustle & bustle but close enough to the airport to go anywhere in the world we want.

We're very obedient to what the Lord tells us to do, trembling knees, tears rolling down our faces, faith tested to its limited, obedient. God has never failed us. I've come to realize God's shoes He has planned for us, are far greater than anything we could ever imagine. I've come to realize that we block ourselves from achieving the greatness that was destined for us. I see an individual and see ability, love, passion, and typically fear. I know fear, I know it well. I've faced fear many times in my life but in 2012 decided it wouldn't have a hold on me anymore. I've broken those chains, and now live my life on a mission to coach others through the same process, to speak life into peoples God given dreams, and to show them that if I can do it, so can they!

In 2015 I decided to take my passion for personal development a step further. I joined the John Maxwell Team & became a certified Coach & Speaker. John Maxwell has philosophies I can stand behind, teachings that make sense to me, and a heart of gold. I have been coaching people since then on overcoming obstacles, learning new perspectives & more efficient ways of doing things. I also facilitate mastermind groups to dive into Dr. Maxwells books on a deeper level with other people. Its always fascinating to me hearing different points of views every week. I absolutely love being apart of people's journey of gaining that confidence & belief in their life. My husband always tells me how full of joy I am after I get off calls with people, either coaching or masterminds. Truly it brings me so much fulfillment & joy just know in a small way I helped someone.

My goal in life if to help people see themselves how God sees them. Confident, beautiful, able, and passionate. I plan on leaving my mark on this earth while i'm passing through, by leaving it into others. As many as I can, as often as I can, however I can. My prayer for you reading this, is that your heart is softened to allowing God to speak to you & your mind is open to consider that you do have a great purpose. And that its no accident you're reading this, its time to unleash your inner lion!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Being Wronged

It is a hard place to be. When someone wrongs you, betrays you, slanders you, hurts you, back stabs you, the list goes on & on, it flat out hurts. Its hurts even more when that person is in a looked up to position, a friend, or a family member, and when someone admitingly wrongs you & simply tells you, they'd do it again & do the same behavior to others as well. OUCH!

Naturally this can cause some frustration to rise up at minimum. However Proverbs 12:16 states "A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted." I believe in Gods word 110% even the things that sting & are hard to walk out. So if someone wrongs you, if you'd like to be the wise person, stay calm. I promise the fool will be known very quickly by their quick temper which is typically accompanied by arrogance.

2 wrongs never make a right. This has been very challenging for me to learn. However from someone who always sought for revenge, or getting even i can tell you it always left me feeling worse. Having an experience recently where I was calm, followed Gods word & didn't seek revenge or getting even; I can attest to you that it feels SO MUCH BETTER! Our natural instinct is to get back at people & make them hurt like they hurt us, our natural instinct is SIN! But what good is spreading hurt? Be apart of the solution, not problem.

Lets work hard together & choose to bite our tongues, forgive quickly, not try to get even with everyone. Life will be so much happier & more fulfilled, trust me, if i can do can you <3

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Staying Focused

So this picture has been floating around facebook. I'm not here to bash anyone, I mean we all make mistakes, and we all have fallen trapt to looking over for a moment to someone elses journey.

Keeping focus is hard work. It takes a special person to hold that focus the entire course of the journey. Perhaps this man needed to look over to see how far behind He was to push even harder, have you ever done that? I know I have, i'm very competitive. As are these guys or they wouldn't be at the Olympics. Or maybe its nearing the end & its that moment you realize you won't be finishing in 1st place. But what's wrong with 2nd anyways? Sure we all want 1st, but there can only be one #1 and if that's not you, then be #2.

My whole point is these guys are fierce no matter what. And have worked hard to get to where they are. They've been committed, and drilled their bodies to a state most won't. Kudos to them.

But what about you? You reading this. Maybe you aren't an Olympian, but i'm sure you have goals. Can you stay focused & committed long enough to even compete like these guys? Are you giving it your ALL for the #1, but are still proud if you end up #2? Practice moments throughout your day on how to stay focused. Give yourself 2 hours a day that you divide up into 30 minute intervals, where all you do is focus on one & only one thing. You can do it, it just takes discipline & a strong enough goal.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Living a Negative life

So many people go through life not even understanding how powerful their thoughts are. 1 tiny negative thought will snowball into a negative day, week, year & life! Might seem a bit dramatic, but the reality is, its true.

Your past situations, circumstances, choices, and environment have left little foot steps on your subconscious brain, causing thoughts & patterns in your life you don't even realize. Most people don't even take into consideration their subconscious brain & just live in their conscious mindset, when the reality is...your subconscious is triggering your conscious.

When's the last time you.... paused after a thought & asked yourself WHY you thought that? You took a time out in the middle of the day & listened to affirmations quietly? Went to bed at night and while you slept had affirmations or meditation going? Your mind needs fed just like your body, how you feed it will determine your life you live. Yet most are living so fast paced they don't pause, slow down, and take intentional steps on how they think.

Too many people watch & listen to garbage that creates mindless thoughts & activities, then people wonder why they live a mediocre life, are unhappy, overweight, and miserable. Want to live a different life? I have the trick, start feeding your brain intentionally with positive, uplifting, motivating things. It'll change your entire life. You must stay consistent with it tho. Just like eating veggies once in a while doesn't give your body the nutrition it needs or change how it looks, eat it daily for a long period of time & you might start noticing a difference. Same with your mind.

I was a negative person long ago. My life was also negative. And my circle of friends got it, negative. Really every aspect of my life was negative, then i read a book that changed my life. Excuse me, i STUDIED a book that changed my life. Big difference in reading and studying. Studying is when you pause, reflect & apply. Anyways, ready for this life changing book? You can get it for like $10 on Amazon, Actually here i'll give you a link HERE Start making a change in your life today, it all starts with a small step & this book is perfect for that.

Its time to create a positive, happy, fulfilled life. You deserve that, you were created for that, lets break the negative chains & start living a positive life from here on out!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Roar of Freedom

Why do you allow the opinions & thoughts of others hold you back?
Do those people pay your bills? Do those people care about your future? Will they even be apart of your future? Are they financially investing into your future?Do those people care about your families legacy that you leave behind?

So you're approaching a friend about your new product that you're out there promoting. Your friend is snotty, mean, and clearly not supportive. Ask yourself, is that really how a friend would react? Why do you like this person so much? What value are they adding to YOUR life? I can almost garuntee that someone who replies back with a negative response, isn't someone who adds value to you & your life, but instead takes it from you. OUCH!!!! Is that REALLY someone you want around when you do finally succeed? Is that the kind of influence you want your children to be around?

Freedom awaits you, when you finally grow a backbone & walk away from those dream killers! Those people ready to bash you the moment you walk away, another word we call them is toxic people. Here's something I've learned over my years of creating success. When you reach a point of what others consider successful...They're going to talk anyways, know matter what you do they'll talk. The sooner you learn to block them out, smile back, hold your head high & let your success talk for you,the happier & more free you'll feel.

CHEERS to those who are on that journey of growing that backbone. Of understanding that when we choose to take the road to success & freedom, people will either join us, watch us, or be left behind. You can't force those watching to join, and you certainly can't make those being left behind come along for a ride they want nothing to do with. And be OK with that.

The road to becoming a better version of you, leaving a legacy behind that's honorable & worth repeating is rough. But the reward is far greater than you can ever imagine. Hang in there!!