Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Living a Negative life

So many people go through life not even understanding how powerful their thoughts are. 1 tiny negative thought will snowball into a negative day, week, year & life! Might seem a bit dramatic, but the reality is, its true.

Your past situations, circumstances, choices, and environment have left little foot steps on your subconscious brain, causing thoughts & patterns in your life you don't even realize. Most people don't even take into consideration their subconscious brain & just live in their conscious mindset, when the reality is...your subconscious is triggering your conscious.

When's the last time you.... paused after a thought & asked yourself WHY you thought that? You took a time out in the middle of the day & listened to affirmations quietly? Went to bed at night and while you slept had affirmations or meditation going? Your mind needs fed just like your body, how you feed it will determine your life you live. Yet most are living so fast paced they don't pause, slow down, and take intentional steps on how they think.

Too many people watch & listen to garbage that creates mindless thoughts & activities, then people wonder why they live a mediocre life, are unhappy, overweight, and miserable. Want to live a different life? I have the trick, start feeding your brain intentionally with positive, uplifting, motivating things. It'll change your entire life. You must stay consistent with it tho. Just like eating veggies once in a while doesn't give your body the nutrition it needs or change how it looks, eat it daily for a long period of time & you might start noticing a difference. Same with your mind.

I was a negative person long ago. My life was also negative. And my circle of friends got it, negative. Really every aspect of my life was negative, then i read a book that changed my life. Excuse me, i STUDIED a book that changed my life. Big difference in reading and studying. Studying is when you pause, reflect & apply. Anyways, ready for this life changing book? You can get it for like $10 on Amazon, Actually here i'll give you a link HERE Start making a change in your life today, it all starts with a small step & this book is perfect for that.

Its time to create a positive, happy, fulfilled life. You deserve that, you were created for that, lets break the negative chains & start living a positive life from here on out!

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