Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Roar of Freedom

Why do you allow the opinions & thoughts of others hold you back?
Do those people pay your bills? Do those people care about your future? Will they even be apart of your future? Are they financially investing into your future?Do those people care about your families legacy that you leave behind?

So you're approaching a friend about your new product that you're out there promoting. Your friend is snotty, mean, and clearly not supportive. Ask yourself, is that really how a friend would react? Why do you like this person so much? What value are they adding to YOUR life? I can almost garuntee that someone who replies back with a negative response, isn't someone who adds value to you & your life, but instead takes it from you. OUCH!!!! Is that REALLY someone you want around when you do finally succeed? Is that the kind of influence you want your children to be around?

Freedom awaits you, when you finally grow a backbone & walk away from those dream killers! Those people ready to bash you the moment you walk away, another word we call them is toxic people. Here's something I've learned over my years of creating success. When you reach a point of what others consider successful...They're going to talk anyways, know matter what you do they'll talk. The sooner you learn to block them out, smile back, hold your head high & let your success talk for you,the happier & more free you'll feel.

CHEERS to those who are on that journey of growing that backbone. Of understanding that when we choose to take the road to success & freedom, people will either join us, watch us, or be left behind. You can't force those watching to join, and you certainly can't make those being left behind come along for a ride they want nothing to do with. And be OK with that.

The road to becoming a better version of you, leaving a legacy behind that's honorable & worth repeating is rough. But the reward is far greater than you can ever imagine. Hang in there!!

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