Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Staying Focused

So this picture has been floating around facebook. I'm not here to bash anyone, I mean we all make mistakes, and we all have fallen trapt to looking over for a moment to someone elses journey.

Keeping focus is hard work. It takes a special person to hold that focus the entire course of the journey. Perhaps this man needed to look over to see how far behind He was to push even harder, have you ever done that? I know I have, i'm very competitive. As are these guys or they wouldn't be at the Olympics. Or maybe its nearing the end & its that moment you realize you won't be finishing in 1st place. But what's wrong with 2nd anyways? Sure we all want 1st, but there can only be one #1 and if that's not you, then be #2.

My whole point is these guys are fierce no matter what. And have worked hard to get to where they are. They've been committed, and drilled their bodies to a state most won't. Kudos to them.

But what about you? You reading this. Maybe you aren't an Olympian, but i'm sure you have goals. Can you stay focused & committed long enough to even compete like these guys? Are you giving it your ALL for the #1, but are still proud if you end up #2? Practice moments throughout your day on how to stay focused. Give yourself 2 hours a day that you divide up into 30 minute intervals, where all you do is focus on one & only one thing. You can do it, it just takes discipline & a strong enough goal.


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